Frequently asked questions

Is MailTracker totally free to use?

Yes, MailTracker is free and we will keep it that way. We can afford it since it's not our main product.

What does MailTracker store about the emails I send and receive?

MailTracker stores the date, object and the recipient(s) of the tracked emails you send. We never store the content of the emails.

Your data is safe in our encrypted servers. Learn more about our privacy policy.

I know my email was read, but MailTracker says it is not.

Some email clients and/or smartphones might block the images in emails by default, which disables the tracking. Hopefully, in the great majorities of cases, the images are displayed by default and MailTracker works normally.

Why don't I have the location and device of my recipient that opened the email?

Some email providers like Gmail use proxies to load the images inside the emails, which makes it impossible to track more information.

How can I uninstall MailTracker?

To remove the extension, click right on the icon in your browser then "Remove from Chrome..." and confirm the deletion. You can also remove the access to your Google account on this page.